Special Features:


Sweet Chili Chipotle Grill


Melted Swiss, sweet chili sauce,

chipotle mayo,dill pickles,

and crispy fried onions on a

brioche bun served with a side

of kettle chips.



Nashville Hot Chicken


Spicy fried chicken

topped with dill pickle

slices and chipotle

mayo on a brioche

bun and served with a

side of kettle chips $11.99

Brussels & Bacon Pizza


Roasted garlic puree,

blended pizza cheese,

Brussels sprouts, bacon,

sweet corn, balsamic glaze


Flatbread: $8.99

Individual: $11.99

14": $17.99



1149 Lancaster Avenue,

Rosemont PA. 19010


610 525 1851

Scratch Kitchen. Craft Beer.