Attention Gullifty’s Community:


It is with great sadness and struggle that we have decided to follow Governor Wolf’s and Lower Merion Township’s strong recommendation to temporarily close our non-essential business. Non-essential is an interesting term because for our family and our employee’s families it is essential. But, with a heavy heart, we decided that it is best to follow the recommendation.


This virus is not “just the flu” but spreads just as easily. It may be minor for young people, but we have to do what is right for our older citizens and our immune compromised citizens. As a place where many people gather, and there is a lot of person to person proximity, we feel we have no choice but to close down for the safety of the community. Gullifty’s has not had any incidents of employees with this illness. As business leaders in this community for 45 years we thought we should take the lead on this matter. We would rather be the first restaurant to close rather than the first restaurant to acquire the illness and spread it among the community.


We, so greatly, look forward to serving our community again in the very near future. This is a great opportunity for us to thank you for your years and years of wonderful patronage. We will be continuing this legacy again as soon as the governor recommends businesses reopen.

Gullifty's interior 1970's

Est. 1975

One sunny afternoon in State College, PA., Andy Zangrilli, the founder of the Gullifty's concept, heard somebody say "nifty gullifty". That evening, he called Gene Johnson, his cohort, in their tireless efforts to open a restaurant on Philadelphia's Main Line, and asked him what he thought of the name Gullifty's. "Gillespie's, why would we want to call it that," Gene asked. "No, no...Gullifty's," responded Andy, "and we want to call it Gullifty's because no one will know how to spell it, how to pronounce it, or what it means." They both agreed that those were essential ingredients in giving a name to just about anything. And with that, Gullifty's was born!

Over 43 years later, Gullifty's is a Main Line Tradition. How have we maintained this lofty status for such a long period of time? Simple. Gullifty's means so much to so many people. To women and men alike, it's a noon time haven from the rigors of hitting the shops or working at the office. To families, it is the children's favorite spot. To singles, it is a place to eat, drink, and meet. To all, it is good food, good value, good service, and good times.


1149 Lancaster Avenue,

Rosemont PA. 19010


610 525 1851

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