A Unique Eatery Since 1975

Gullifty's? What is that? Irish? Italian?

Nope, it's as American as Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood.

Don't you remember "X the Owl" from the land of

make-believe? In his neighborhood, everything

was "Nifty-Gullifty" as he would say.

And with a great neighborhood of our own to serve,

we thought that was pretty "Nifty-Gullifty" ourselves.

Read what Mister Rodgers thought of the idea in

this two page letter.

Gullifty's founder Gene Johnson circa 1975

Gullifty's interior late 1980's

Gene JohnsonOur Founder

For forty-three years, Gene Johnson has been the owner of Gullifty's. His dreams of having his own restaurant began when he was 18, working during the summers at Mack & Manco Pizza in Ocean City. The combination of a fast-paced fun atmosphere and an element of showmanship, with people watching the pizza spinners from the boardwalk, convinced Gene that one day he would open a restaurant of his own.

While studying for an MBA at Penn State, Gene developed a relationship with Andy Zangrilli, a well know restaurateur in the State College area. Together they opened a number of restaurants before amicably parting ways, including the original Gullifty's in Rosemont, which Gene continues to operate.

Today, Gene takes pride in continuing to expand and offer a diverse menu at an affordable price in a fun, service-focused environment.



1149 Lancaster Avenue,

Rosemont PA. 19010


610 525 1851

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